Anonymous asked:

how did you get into art and how did it become your career?

This is a great question that I could write/talk about forever, probably. I’ve always been into art, as long as I can remember.

I’m fortunate to have parents who nurtured the creativity in me when I was young, so I never had that cliché “well, time to get a real job” feeling. I always knew it was art or at least something creative. I studied journalism and writing initially as I’m really interested in ethics, but I couldn’t keep myself away from visual art and ended up pursuing it in college. I studied graphic design, painting, printmaking, sculpture… I wanted to learn it all. I love playing with new materials and I like not feeling bound by being “a painter” or “a cartoonist.” I like to vary styles by project and I love learning new techniques and using new media. Typography and words will probably always be a part of my work, and I’m grateful for my training in design because I think it helps set my skillset apart from people who study only one kind of artmaking.

In college I worked as a sign painter at Trader Joe’s, and I started getting freelance gigs doing that. I was eventually able to make enough money doing that to leave my day job and since then, I’ve really just been moving from project to project, forever. I love changing up my focus, trying new things, and really getting into the headspace of a project, then moving on to the next.

I think art became my career when I decided that I wanted all of my income to come from creative projects. Once I made that choice, there’s been no looking back!

Thanks for the great question!


precognitioned asked:

I'm so happy I came across this blog. Do you have any tips for blogging more professionally? I'm only 18, but I love writing. I'm just not sure how I blogger should write if that makes any sense? I'm just trying to have better content overall I'd say. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much :)

I think the key to professionalism in anything creative just has to do with the basic elements of branding. You’ll naturally develop your voice as a writer the more you write, and you can take that “personality” that develops and apply it to your visual branding, too. In terms of “how” a blogger should write, there’s no one way (same goes with any kind of making). Examine which blogs/writers you like, and consider what you like about them. Do you like the tone of Vice? Do you like the tone of Rookie?

Consume things you enjoy and you’ll naturally develop your own “flavor.”


jadentherunner asked:

I have a few random questions because I'm just curious??!?!?!? But what is you go-to product? What is your favorite color?? What is you favorite store??? What is you your favorite restaurant?? Thanks and please follow ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hi!! Uh, let’s see:

Fave art product: Brand new Sharpie felt tip.

Fave color/s: This is impossible for me! Since I was a kid I’ve always thought in at least pairs of color (which is probably why I ended up with a job coloring comics and cartoons). Here is the pair I’m most into right now.


A not-quite-seafoam pastel turquiose and vermillion red. I just love this combo so much. Such perfect contrast! If you’re looking for it, you’ll spot them a lot in my work. (If you’re a color nerd like me, here’s the hex codes: #8ad8d9 and #ed2e21.)

Fave store: This would probably have to be H&M because I shop there so frequently, and I think they’re priced well, and made pretty well, and they have really good labor practices for their factories (most ‘fast fashion’ doesn’t!) I love their skater skirts and crop tops, esp. 

Fave restaurant: I recently started going to this place called Native Foods which is a national chain of vegan restaurants and they are SO GOOD. I especially love their Thai curry and oatmeal cream pies.

Thanks for asking!! Xo,